Maintain compliance with your state's recording keeping rules and be prepared for audits with TAME Software & Consulting.
Maintain compliance with your state's recording keeping rules and be prepared for audits with TAME Software & Consulting.

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“Our software and accounting services have been created not only to take the confusion out of attorney trust and escrow accounting, but also to protect attorneys from potential liability and disciplinary action arising from improper or incomplete attorney trust account records.”

TAME Software & Consulting is Trust Accounting Made Easy

If you’ve spent any amount of time studying and trying to stay in compliance with trust accounting rules, you know how much of  a headache it can be.  Like any compliance issues, the penalties for ignoring them can be even more treacherous and staggering.

Properly monitoring and managing your trust accounts doesn’t have to be a tedious job. TAME Software & Consulting makes it easy, greatly reducing the time spent trying to stay in compliance and keeping your law firm protected from audits and penalties.

Our law firm accounting software manages your trust account information, keeping you in conformity with state record-keeping requirements.

Better yet, our software allows your data to be securely accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world, at any time. No clunky remote login software or VPN connections are needed — just login, access your data, and get back to business!

  • Ensure Compliance with your State’s Trust Account Rules
    TAME™ significantly reduces your liability and keeps you in compliance, all while saving hours of work each month!
  • Easily Produce State-Compliant Attorney Trust Account Records
    With one-click, you can print full reports demonstrating your firm’s compliance with trust account rules and state compliance standards.
  • Computer Check Printing
    Enter transactions and print checks for your clients’ ledgers through our easy-to-use interface, greatly simplifying your law firm accounting.
  • Work From Anywhere
    Manage your trust accounts from any internet-connected computer with our web version of TAME.
  • No Software Installation Or Upgrades Necessary
    When using the web version of TAME, there’s no need to juggle software updates or manage installations or user licenses. Your software will be managed securely and seamlessly on our servers.
  • Your Data is Safe and Secure
    We use an SSL Certificate provided by ensuring 128 bit encryption.

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