Maintain compliance with your state's recording keeping rules and be prepared for audits with TAME Software & Consulting.
Maintain compliance with your state's recording keeping rules and be prepared for audits with TAME Software & Consulting.

Getting Audited

Getting Audited?

If your attorney trust accounts are getting audit, it is of ultimate importance that you provide the most accurate, complete and compliant attorney trust accounting records possible.

If you have received a notice of audit or an ethics complaint, and you are not sure if your records are in compliance, or know that your records are not in compliance, please contact us immediately as time may be of the essence.  All conversations are confidential.

Why use TAME Software & Consulting

  • Since 1993, Attorney Trust Accounting is our specialty and all we do.
  • TAME Software & Consulting can assist you in creating the required records and has helped a multitude of law firms’ in preparation for audits.
  • We help you develop a plan so that in the future you will always be ready for an audit.
  • If your records require reconstruction, we build your records using software developed especially for attorney trust accounts, not generic off the shelf accounting software.  Most accountants can not make that claim.
  • Many accountants call us to help their legal clients with their attorney trust accounts as they are not familiar with the rules and regulations.
  • We are lecturers on attorney trust accounting.

Questions to ask when selecting a professional to help you with an audit of your attorney trust accounts

  • How many times have you helped other law firms get ready for an audit?
  • What records are required for the attorney trust account?
  • What is a three-way reconciliation?
  • Will you provide me with a future plan so this doesn’t happen again?
  • What software will you use to help me create compliant records?
  • If interviewing your own accountant, “Why aren’t my accounts already in compliance?”

Audit Services Include:

Audit Preparation – Preparation for Random, Select and Demand Audits –

Complete assistance in getting you prepared for an of audit of your attorney trust accounts including Random, Select and Demand Audits.

Historical Record Review and Restoration –

Accounting services to review and assist in creating and repairing deficient attorney trust accounting records.

Comprehensive Attorney Trust Account Bookkeeping Services –

Professional services to create complete state compliant attorney trust and escrow accounting records.

Consulting services are reviewed and billed on a case by case basis.

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