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Software History

Developed by an Experienced Certified Public Accountant with lawyers in mind!

TRUST ACCOUNTING MADE EASY™ was developed by a team headed by a Certified Public Accountant, Robert D. Gelman whose career has been focused on consulting to the legal profession.  Back in the early 1990s, while servicing their legal clients, they noticed the overwhelming difficulties lawyers encountered in maintaining their attorney trust and escrow accounts in compliance with state’s attorney trust accounting rules and regulations.  The team recognized the need for a user-friendly software to be developed for the special requirements of the legal profession.  TRUST ACCOUNTING MADE EASY™  (TAME™), the resulting accounting software program they designed, was developed to easily and properly maintain attorney trust accounts in compliance with state record-keeping requirements.  The company was named TAME Software

The first generation of TAME was written in DOS, the second for Windows and now…

TAME Software & Consulting is proud to announce the next generation of Trust Account Made Easy …  TAME on the Web.

Consulting History

“Our consulting services ensure the propriety of our client’s attorney trust account records and allow them to focus on what they do best – practice law.”

After software sales began in the mid 1990s, many law firms began contacting Mr. Gelman, CPA at TAME Software and requesting assistance with their attorney trust accounting records.  TAME Software changed its name to TAME Software & Consulting and focused their practice on consulting to the legal community regarding their attorney trust and escrow accounts and to insure conformity with record keeping rules and regulations and to protect lawyers in the event of audits or complaints.

If you are not sure if you are in compliance or have received a notice of audit, Contact
Robert D. Gelman, CPA at TAME Software & Consulting
Email Mr. Gelman at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
888-TAME LAW (888-826-3529) or 973-533-1313.
All conversations are confidential.

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Trust Software

TAME takes the hassle and headache out of trust accounting compliance with easy-to-use, affordable software solutions and consulting. Manage your law firm's trust accounts from one application, reducing errors and oversights that could otherwise cost you your license!


Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: to protect attorneys and law firms from potential liability and disciplinary action arising from improper or incomplete attorney trust and escrow accounting records.