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"Working with TAME has been a wonderful experience. The pressures of accounting have been removed and I am free to practice law without being forced to practice accounting. I have constant peace of mind instead of being unsure if my escrow account is properly balanced. We all enjoy a second set of eyes to review our work and TAME is more than that; it gives assurance that our attorney trust account is 100% correct."
Neil H. Kupferman, Esq.
Brooklyn, NY

"We retained T.A.M.E. Software & Consulting a year ago and could not be more pleased. Robert took the time to explain and demonstrate his attorney trust accounting system to us. It is simple to use and flawless. When we found a discrepancy with our bank’s records, he responded immediately and promptly resolved the issue. TAME has become our most valued and reliable professional providers."
Frank A. Atcheson, Partner
Clark Atcheson & Reisert

"Robert Gelman and TAME software have been an essential part of my business since I opened my practice nine years ago. I have found Robert to be the authority in his field and extremely helpful in maintaining my attorney trust account. His innovative Trust Accounting Made Easy software makes it easy and quick in processing the numerous transactions that my staff handles daily."
Robert S. Roche, Esq.
Chatham, NJ
"TAME has been a lifesaver for me. I used to spend hours upon hours reconciling my attorney trust account and it was a very frustrating, dreaded monthly event. I also used to handwrite all my checks and manually calculate my spreadsheets. TAME changed all of that. I started with TAME in January of 2007, and it was the best decision I ever made concerning my time at work and my attorney trust account. Robert Gelman is a wiz and a wonderful teacher."
Linda J. Hockstein, Esq.
Bayonne, NJ
"I sleep sound and secure knowing that my attorney trust records are perfect. The TAME program has accomplished this for me. It's stress free and user friendly. I've been using it now for about 8 years. I am a lawyer for nearly 32 years and have never been audited, but boy am I ready for anything with TAME. My records are totally in compliance. This is a no brainer for every lawyer."
Phillip J. Maenza, Esq.
Parsippany, NJ
"Choosing the TAME Software was definitely the best decision. My office has a high volume of real estate closings and needs an efficient and time saving system, not to mention one which allows you to catch errors prior to the actual closing. Trust Accounting Made Easy works and pays for itself with any type of practice. A few years ago I received a notice from the New Jersey Bar Association scheduling a random audit and I was not concerned. I didn’t have to spend any time preparing for the audit as my records were already in compliance whereas in the past it was a nightmare. Mr. Gelman reconciles my account monthly and clears up any discrepancies. He is also readily available by phone should any questions arise… He also happens to be a really nice guy!"
Michael J. Lessack, Esq.
Lessack & McGlade
"I want to say that I have been extremely pleased with your Trust Accounting Made Easy software and your quarterly audits of my attorney trust account. I know that my staff wholeheartedly concurs. I am an Institute for Continuing Legal Education lecturer on ethics and act as an expert in legal malpractice cases. From my point of view, TAME Software is mandatory and I regularly recommend it to the hundreds of young lawyers I speak to every year. Keep up the good work and tremendous service you do for the New Jersey Bar."
Scott B. Piekarsky, Esq.
Piekarsky & Associates, LLC
"We have been using your software and TAME’s consulting services since 2004 and have been completely satisfied. Trust Accounting Made Easy software is easy to understand and use and your quarterly visits to reconcile the account keeps us audit ready. We have “peace of mind” knowing that our trust account is perfect………………Thank you!"
Jack Arseneault, Esq.
Arseneault, Whipple, Fassett & Azzarello, LLP
"I have been a TAME customer for years. As a sole practitioner without an accounting background, and who has substantial activity in my attorney trust account, I find the program very easy to use . I use the services of Robert Gelman on a quarterly basis to review my records and to find and correct any mistakes I may have made. Mr. Gelman’s services are invaluable. I was audited in 2004, and Robert helped me prepare for it. As a result, the auditor was in my office for less than 2 hours, as all my books and records were in order. I strongly recommend TAME."
Jeffrey H. Ward, Esq.
Hazlet, NJ

"TAME Software is simply excellent and their consulting services are invaluable.  We have been using TAME for over five years.  Mr. Gelman has made our attorney's trust account manageable, as well as informative both to our office and to our clients.  I value their services and would highly recommend TAME Software & Consulting to any colleague that requires attorney trust account accounting." 

Stanley W. Turteltaub
Turteltaub & Turteltaub, P.A.
"Trust accounting is a complex, daunting, and time consuming operational process. However, Mr. Gelman’s TAME software is aptly named. TAME software reduces the complex regulatory scheme of attorney trust accounting to a simple procedure that allows me to focus my time and energy where I can see bottom line results-- attending to my client’s legal needs. Working with Mr. Gelman is an absolute pleasure. His depth and breadth of knowledge of trust accounting rules, and his calm, professional demeanor instill a strong sense of confidence in his ability to correctly, honorably, and effectively manage my firm’s trust accounting needs."
Timothy Downs, Esquire
Morris County, New Jersey

If you are not sure if you are in compliance or have received a notice of audit, Contact

Robert D. Gelman, CPA at TAME Software & Consulting
Email Mr. Gelman at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
888-TAME LAW (888-826-3529) or 973-533-1313.
All conversations are confidential.
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